June 9, 2016

Flagging software for Craigslist; are they really usefull?

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Flagging software for Craigslist; are they really usefull?

Online market place is on the rise now more than ever. People are accessing more to these sites to find what they are looking for. And the best part is, a person can find practically anything in here, from used cars to house for rent.

So the businessmen now-a-day are concentrating more on making their advertisement on such online markets like Craigslist, Amazon or Alibaba. Posting ads on these sites have proven that your product can be sold without any real struggle. The way is simple, you post an ad, someone sees that, he/she likes your offering and sold! But if only things were so simple!!

It might happen to you often that you have posted an ad on craigslist, it has gone live for a moment, and then your ad gets vanished. Poof! And you start to think, what in heaven was that? That my friend; is your product’s chance of being sold gone. Now you may post the ad again, but the same thing will happen to that also. Every time you post an ad, it can be vanished within a time period of as low as 30 minutes. The question is, why does this happen?

This thing is happening because someone is using flagging software for craigslist and flagging your ads as ‘spam’ or ‘miscategorized’. When craigslist team gets this type of notification about an ad for too long, they just simply delete the ads.

Let’s face it, the world is not fair. Thousands of companies are trying to sell the same products you are selling. Competition is huge. Everyone tries to outplay its opponent by any means necessary. If another company is selling the same product as yours on the craigslist, they will flag your ads as spam simply to stop you from competing. And the lesser the competition, the greater the profit.

So why don’t you take the game to your opponents? You can also flag their ads and remove them. There are many flagging softwares for craigslist in the market with which you can flag your opponent’s ads both manually and automatically. If you want automatic flagging, well, you can have it, but remember, there is a chance of mistake in this case. Because most of the softwares that are available in the market has some bugs in it. Besides, nothing can beat the human intelligence, right?

So the best option to choose is to buy a service in which you can do all the things manually or you can hire a team of specialists to do the work for you. After a personal experience, I can certainly tell you that you can buy services from Craigslist Flagging service

The reasons behind my recommendation are:

Perfect Pricing– Instead of the regular, they have priced their products per link. Now it’s a good thing for you. Because you can now flag more ads than before.

Longer Duration– Their packages have a longer time duration than normal within which you have to use the product.

Quality of service– They have a really expert team of workers to manage your job if you say so. They will even present you with a daily report on your email.

Independent use– Now that’s the best thing with them. If you are a person who wants to do everything by your own hand, you can just buy their software and use it on your own. And if you want them to do the flagging for you, that is also possible.

For a salesman nothing is more important than selling. So choose this flagging service, beat your competitors and increase your sales.

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