June 9, 2016

Craigslist live Posting


Craigslist live Posting

Craigslist is one of the hottest ways to make more earn and more traffic. If you want to internet marketing or online marketing then you must consider Craigslist live ad posting . Because, you get lot of visitors and traffic from posting ad on Craigslist. But the live ad on Craigslist is very common problem now days. So you must follow the rules and regulation by which you can live your ad on Craigslist. Any kinds of products or services you post on Craigslist, then you must get huge number of traffic through ad.

I want to say all of my customer or clients that 85% chance that your ad was flagged by Craigslist itself. There are some steps you must follow for your live ad. If you want to live your ad on Craigslist then you should follow these rules and regulation properly which are described in below:

You must follow Craigslist rules and regulations properly:

Most of the time your ad is flagged because of fails to meet Craigslist’s Terms of Service and other guidelines. So you must follow properly all the Craigslist rules and regulations for your Craigslist live ad posting. For example Craigslist doesn’t want any kind of auctions, bidding, multi-level marketing, club membership related ad, or any kind of Ads which are offering prohibited items, such as weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc.

You should change your ad format, content, text, word, and picture:

If you use of text formatting that is looked too much commercial then your ad results in flagging. You must post your ad different format, content, text, word, and picture. If you use it then you get Craigslist live ad posting. If your Ads looks with similar wording to other user ads are also often flagged . You must review the ads in the Services Offered sub-category where you originally posted your ad and then you should rewrite your ad as needed until it is unique ad.

Avoid over post from same IP:

If you want to post your ad from same IP then your ad must flagged. Don’t over post your ad. In the whole world nobody likes a spammer. So if you are posting more than 3 posts a week I think you are overdoing it.

You must Report against Flagging Problems:

Craigslist suggest that you ask other users in the Help Forum to review your ad and offer advice about a flagged ad before contacting the company. If you still believe a flagging error occurred, then use the Contact Us of Craigslist. I think you get the real reason by which your ad flagged. It also helps to live your ad.

These strategies make dramatically decrease how often your Craigslist posts are flagged. So just follow these strategies for live of your ad on craigslist and hope that you will get a good results.

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