June 9, 2016

Advertising on Craigslist


Advertising on Craigslist

Running a business can be demanding and craigslist advertising offers an easy access to new clients. Let’s face it; Craigslist is one of the top websites for advertising your goods or products. Most online businesses use this platform to engage their old and new customers, by offering deals and free offers. This is what draws customers, especially those looking for bargain deals and freebies.

It helps that the platform is easy to use and navigate. Customers who are not tech savvy will find this platform comfortable. It also helps that the platform has rules of engagement which all users must adhere to. If you are looking to boost customer sales and revenue by tapping into a one stop shop for millions of potential clients, then Craigslist is the place for you.

There are certain steps one must follow to become competitive. First off, ensure that your ads are professional and engaging. Customers are easily turned off by advertisements that are not appealing. You are always being judged and the first impression could make or break the deal with a potential customer.


Spelling and grammar

Things like spelling and grammar are important. If you do not speak English or it is not your first language, then hire an English speaking freelancer to craft your advert professionally. The aim is to get buyers to not just scan through your ad, but to stop, read and buy. Use sales terms that will engage them and automatically clue them in on how great your deal is.


Pictures represent a thousand words. Your ad will get more attention if you include a picture. The image you use should also be professional. Customers will be turned off if the image is not attractive and of the best quality. There are many photo selling, editing, sharing and other free photo services or websites on the internet. Use these websites to get your image looking the best that it possibly can.


Honesty will only help your business. Do not use inaccurate descriptions of your products. This will turn off buyers and they might leave a bad review on the internet. Some might even report you to fraud or scam reporting websites. Protect your reputation by offering quality goods and services that will make your clients return and offer you unlimited repeat business.


This goes with selecting the correct category for your product. You are more likely to attract the correct clients if you are where they think you will be. Do not post your product in multiple categories. This will not help your business. When the product is sold remove your ads. Do not yet again frustrate potential buyers if the product is no longer available.

Finally, create a business specific email address where clients can get through to you. Ensure that you respond in a timely manner. This email should not be attached or linked to your personal profile as you might draw the attention of people who will exploit your identity. Anonymity is the way to go. Do not engage in back and forth conversations or disrespect your buyers. Keep it professional.

Don’t waste your buyer’s time. Do it right the first time.

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